Organising Committee

Organising Committee has been established to take responsibility for organising and running the DIEM, including selecting the conference topic and programme. The members are:

Vrdoljak Raguž, Ivona, University of Dubrovnik, (President of the Organising Committee)

Bečić, Marija (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Bretyn, Agnieszka (University of Szczecin, Faculty of Management and Economics of Services, Poland)

Buratović Maštrapa, Sandra (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Ćimić, Mislav (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Druskat, Vanessa, (Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics, The University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA)

Duoba, Kestutis (Kaunas University of Technology, School of Economics and Business, Lithuania) 

Grbavac, Ivan (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Klepić, Zdenko (University of Mostar, Faculty of Economics, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Mancheski, Gjorgji (University of Bitola, Faculty of Economics, Macedonia)

Milić-Beran, Ivona (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Lujo, Marijana (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Peručić, Doris (Edward Bernays University College, Croatia)

Smajlović, Ermina (University of Tuzla, Faculty of Economics, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Turčinović, Davorka (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Vidak, Nives (University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)





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