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Following the success of the previous two Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting - DIEM and the support by the international scholarly community, the Program Committee and the Organizing Committee has decided to continue the initiative with the organization of the 3rd conference that will be held traditionally in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting - DIEM is scientific conference which focuses on topics from all fields in economics and interrelated fields in the following topic areas: Banking and accounting, Business statistics/econometrics, Controlling, Corporate governance, Corporate social responsibility, Crisis management, E-Business and Egovernment, Economic growth and macroeconomic management, Education, universities and lifelong learning, Environmental economics, regulation and management, EU and new member states, Financial markets and regulation, Infrastructure, transport and economics, Innovation and innovative business models, Insurance and risk management, International finance, IT management, Labour economics and HRM, Leadership, Marketing, Management, Mass media and economics, Microeconomics, Organization in new business environment, Organizational change and sustainability, Projects - efficient mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship, Public finance, Quality management, Region and regional development, Risk assessment and management, SME and entrepreneurship, Social capital, Social entrepreneurship, Strategic management and monetary policy, Strategy and competitiveness, Sustainable development, Taxation and the green economy, Tourism, Trade and international trade, Transparency, ethics in business and policy making.

All papers are subject to anonymous double-blind peer review.

The overall objective was to attract and invite professionals and researchers from the field of economics and other relevant fields, who are aware of practical and theoretical problems of modern economy, to participate and give their contribution in solving these problems with active participations in presentations, working papers and panels and to provide maximum opportunity for presentation by young researchers.

The DIEM target is to have participants from all over the World and creating a research network for future joint collaborations. This conference will be an excellent opportunity to renew old acquaintances and to meet new colleagues.

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Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting - DIEM is committed to real and immediate open access for academic work. All of the journal articles are free to access immediately from the date of publication. Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting - DIEM depends upon the financial underwriting provided by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport of Republic of Croatia, University of Dubrovnik and the goodwill of its editorial team (Program Committee & Organizing Committee) and the continuing support of its network of peer reviewers.

Copyright of the layout and design of Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting - DIEM articles remains with the DIEM and cannot be used in other publications.

To find Dubrovnik International Economic Meeting - DIEM articles you must enter this link: http://hrcak.srce.hr/diem?lang=en

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